Terms of Service

The terms and conditions set up by our team digitalmarketingblaze.com are the conditions for YOU and US. These terms and conditions are applicable for all users who are landing on our website via organic or any other sources. If you are using this website (digitalmarketingblaze.com) or any inner page of the website that means you are agreed to our terms of services and privacy and policy.

Our terms, privacy will be an effect of the landing on any page of the website. You need to agree to all our terms and policy if you are using or browsing our website.

You cannot use the website for the following purposes:

1. For requesting to post or sending any kind of material that may comprehend as threatening, objectionable, scandalous, catastrophic, vulgar or threatening.

2. Do not send content for the purpose of committing fraud, deceit or to mislead someone.

3. For sending the blog, content, image or any kind of material which may contain any harmful Virus, Trojans Horse, Resident Viruses, Overwrite Viruses, Boot Virus, Macro Virus, Directory Virus, Polymorphic Virus, File Infectors, Malware, or any kind of similar materials that contains any harmful infection for computer or server.

4. For sending any kind of promotional or advertising material to publish on our website.

5. For anything which include in breaking internet laws will be considered illegal.

6. For trying hacking, log in from any other country, without our permission will be count in illegal practice. We can take action on this.

7. You cannot deploy any bot, automatic software for crawling our website.

8. You NOT Allowed to generate our website links using any automatic software or bot.

Intellectual Property

The content which is published on our site is highly protected copyright, trademarks, design rights and other intellectual property rights.
You are welcome to browse our website but it is not allowed you to use, copying, reproducing, rewriting, or publishing the same content on another website for general or any commercial use.


Our Liability

Digital Marketing Blaze is not liable for any kind of damage or loss related to use of our website including. We are not liable to pay you in any circumstances I.e. in the form of direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages.

Regarding content, we are not taking any guarantee that the content of the website is totally related to the professional or detailed guideline to the readers. We are regularly practicing to provide high quality, best and professional information to our readers.

We are not providing any guarantee about whatever has been implemented or published on the website.

The website may contain links to other websites just for providing relevant and easy information to our readers or our visitors. There is no intention to have a link to other websites on our website. We are not bound to provide a link to these websites. In future, if we want to remove these links, we can remove, we are not bound. We have all the control.

We are showing some relevant and user-favorable advertisement and sponsorship material. The advertiser and sponsor are totally responsible for the content that we are publishing on our site. We are not responsible for the content of the advertisement and sponsors.

Advertisers and sponsors are totally responsible what they are providing and what we are publishing on our website.

For our readers kind information, the advertisements that we are going to display on our website is belonging from the third party.

We are not liable or bound in any condition what they are showing in the advertisement. If you have some doubt or a kind of issue, you can contact us


Availability of Website

Digital Marketing Blaze is not taking any guarantee about the content that we are providing is meet all your requirements.

Our aim is to provide all the general information to users related to top hosting companies, Web Hosting Suggestions for Small or Big Sites, Web Hosting Suggestions For E-Commerce Sites, E-Commerce platform suggestions, Theme Suggestions For E-Commerce Sites, Plugins Suggestions In The Best Way.

We are trying to provide the best information, if you are getting any fault or inaccurate information, you can connect us through live chat or leave messages. we will definitely look into this issue and get back to you within 24 hours or as soon as possible.

At the time of maintenance, you are not able to access our website in any condition. At the time of maintenance, we are not taking any guarantee about publishing or live your adds, sponsor add or any kind of information. We will try to restore our website as soon as possible.



Sometimes, we are allowing some reviews related to web hosting services. These reviews will be n the real basic, we are not publishing any fake reviews. The reviews submitted by the reviewers are subject to our judgment before we publish it on our website.

Our judgment is final regarding any review submitted to us.
Any review submitted to us must be: If you are going to provide any review about any hosting services, the review must be genuine, related and according to real experience. It should not contain any content that will harm the reputation of the website or hosting company.

we are not taking any money or any buck for publishing reviews for any hosting company or any third party adds. These things are just for providing better user experience for our lenders or visitors. These reviews we can use in any form whatever we want.

We can reject any review or any content related to marketing at any time. We are not bound to publishing any particular review. We can remove any information, review, feedback any time without inform to the third party. We have all rights to remove review or content without information to a user.


General Terms

Our terms and conditions will be changed regularly according to internet laws and regulation. We can change any information or anything on our website without giving information to our visitors. All users must b agreed to our terms and condition whatever we have while accessing our web page.

In case, if you do not agree to our terms and condition or any part of our website, we will suggest you exit from our website and be using any services provided by us.

While accessing our website, digitalmarketingblaze.com you are agreed that you know all our terms and conditions and agreed on all. We are not liable or responsible for any kind of Terms and conditions.


Law and Jurisdiction

The terms of service on this website and any dispute which arises out of the terms of service of the website is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction of the courts of India.

The Company aims to solve any kind of disagreement quickly and efficiently. All disputes that do not reach a satisfactory agreement can be subject to legal proceedings in the courts of India.

We are always trying to provide all the information in a realistic manner. If in case any dispute arises related to our services or anything else, the website is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction of the courts of India.

We will always try to solve any kind of dispute or disagreement as much as quickly without raising any kind of issue to our users. All type of dispute that does not reach a satisfactory agreement can be subject to legal proceedings in the courts of India.

we will suggest you if you do not agree with our terms and condition or any part of our website, we will suggest you exit from our website and using any services provided by us.

Your feedback or any type of inconvenience can be emailed to inquiry at info@digitalmarketingblaze.com