Which Social Media Platforms Drive The Highest Sales?

A lot of internet entrepreneurs have always wondered the best way to go about marketing their products and services.

Businessmen and women have been worried about making the right kind of investments when it comes to social media engagement.

It is important to note that in other to get the right kind of return on investment, business owners need to be informed.

Everyone knows by now that traffic drives sales and some orders which will be placed depends first upon the number of people who visit the site and view the content which posted on the website.

A lot of research has been done to determine which social media platform drives sales the most. The geniuses at Shopify took their time to analyze sales and orders over a period to be able to come forward with concrete facts and figures to help entrepreneurs in the direction which they should channel their focus and energies.

The people at Shopify analyzed 37 million social media visits to many pages which they have from their stores and websites.

They found out that of this large number of visitors the orders which were generated within the period under review was about 529,000.

That is entirely a large number of requests,

just a little above half a million buying for different products and services.

The analysis revealed a lot of secrets. Based on the results it was realized that –

1. Facebook is number one when it comes to the generation of visitors which then later convert to customers by purchasing one item or the other from the stores and websites they visited.

Facebook generated over 85 % of the orders in that large number of requests which was produced.

That is very important and instructive to smart people in the business.

What this means, in essence, is that a lot of effort should be put into driving traffic and content from Facebook.

Perhaps due to a large number of people which are on that site on a daily basis,

it is understandable that putting content into that place is sure to generate a lot of visitors.

Facebook also had the highest conversion rates, i.e., visitors who later bought one item or the other from the stores.


2. Pinterest came second in the polls, and Twitter came third regarding generation of traffic which could or was converted to sales. That is also instructive for business people to make sure that they do not take for granted their twitter handles as well as Pinterest pages.

All these points are relevant.


3. Of interest to high-end businesses, Polyvore, a site which is not too popular generated the highest amount of orders which were high in value.

So if you deal in luxury items and products which are pricey,

it might be a good idea also to try to drive content from that website.


This information is necessary for the smart businessman as they can be sure not to waste their time in doing unproductive stuff.

Somewhat businesses should invest time, money and energy in doing what works and is profitable for them.

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