How To Start an Online Business That Make Money

When Starting your online business for eCommerce or non- eCommerce site it is really very difficult. You will have to plan everything your business, your funding, your product, and even your workplace too. But, there are different aspects of running an online business. Here we have a sequence of proven steps that you can follow to guarantee your success when you’re starting a small business online. Whereas, Word press is the best platform for your online business.

Solve a customer problem is the most important aspect of any business. All the Consumers buy products and services to satisfy their needs. It is true that customers buy only when the need is uttermost in their mind. Being a businessman, it is your duty to use your industrial knowledge and experiences to identify customer problems that need to be solved. Think about the ways by which your company can solve the problems of the customers. This must be your business idea for any business!
Now after you start your online business the most important thing you need to consider is to buy a right domain name for your word press site and right hosting plans for your Word Press site. Now the question arises what is the domain name and what is hosting?


Domain name is a type of Network address that identifies that it belongs to a particular domain whereas, Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on the Internet.
Deciding the right domain name for your online business website is important for your success. In case, if you choose the wrong domain name, it will affect your brand name and brand search rankings. Thus, it’s extremely important that you choose the best domain name from the start.
Choosing a good domain name is both a business necessity and success. However, it’s important for you to get it right done. Your reputation, your market share, your domain brand recognition, sales revenue, and profits everything depends on the right domain name.


Where Do You Buy a Domain Name?


There are three essential ways to purchase a domain name:
⦁ Directly from a web hosting providers.
⦁ A self-sufficient domain name serves those who have their server.
⦁ Buying established domain names that are expiring through an auction or third-party bidding process.
How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Online Business? Before you select the right domain name to keep in mind that it should come with two lists:
Firstly, it must be memorable to people, especially to the existing customers.
Secondly, it must rank amongst the first ten listings of the major search results.
You should be creative with your domain name so that it can work commercially, especially if it is in an offline business.Whereas, most online entrepreneurs are best served by using keyword optimization techniques to access a list of suitable domain names. Many web hosting companies offer a bulk searching platform that can filter out your options easily and quickly.

Available Domain Names

It can happen that your initial or preferred name may not be available in online search. Now, what are you going to do?  Most of the searches offer alternatives that may prove as good or better for search engine purposes and your online profile. The alternatives must follow the naming criteria, such as it must be short, it must contain at least one hyphen, and use such words that neatly summarize your website, product or service.

Selecting the Right Domain Name Extension:

Although, the extension options are growing rapidly.  The .com extension is the most popular, trusted, and business-friendly extension. People find it the easiest to remember.

Registering Your Domain Name

Once you have your domain name, get it registered as soon as possible. Choose a trusted domain name registration company to handle your domain registrations. There are various kinds of tools available which can help you to evaluate domain registration companies.

How to get your Domain name registered done?

Registrant: It is the name of the company or the individual who owns the domain name.

Administrative Contact: It represents the individual who is authorized to handle daily matters.

Technical Contact: Individual assigned to handle the technical details associated with the domain names.

Be careful about who has the registrant username and password of your Domain name. Do not register the domain name with your web hosting service, as this can make future domain transfers complicated.
Now let us know how to choose the right web hosting for your online business:
How can you know about the web hosting that you have chosen that whether it is good for your online business or not? Do bandwidth and disk storage features important these days? What type of hosting should you choose for your online business? Here we have the answer to all these questions.

How to choose a web hosting service?


⦁ Know your hosting needs.
⦁ Investigate on uptime guarantees and host reliabilities.
⦁ Study about how to upgrade your Web hosting
⦁ Check all hosting features.
⦁ Check prices on both sign up and renewal.
⦁ Check hosting control panel.

Know about your Hosting Needs:

You must know what you need. So, put everything aside and think thoroughly about your needs. Keep in mind-
⦁ What kind of website are you building?
⦁ Do you need something common?
⦁ Do you need Windows applications?
⦁ Do you require a special version of the software?
⦁ Do your website need special software?
These were some of the common questions you need to answer for your online business.

What to look for in a web hosting?


Here we have the list of things you must keep in mind while choosing the right web hosting
⦁ Server Reliability
⦁ Server Upgrading
⦁ Multiple Add-on Domains
⦁ Hosting Sign up vs. Renewal Cost
⦁ Refund Policy
⦁ e-Commerce Features
⦁ Easy-to-use Hosting Control Panel
⦁ Environmental Friendly
⦁ 24/7 Live Chat Support
⦁ Site Backup
These were some of the crucial points you must take a look at before you go to buy the right web hosting plan.
That’s it! That’s everything I want to share with you when looking for your online business and choosing to buy the Right domain name and right web hosting plan.

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