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How To Make Your Online Store/e-Commerce Website Successful

The figures which are being thrown up when it comes to making money online using the e-commerce platform are staggering. From 2012 upwards the figures in the United States alone has been running into hundreds of billions of dollars. According to analysts and experts who have continued to closely monitor trends and cash flow, the estimates for 2017 alone is running into over 400 billion dollars. This is huge and means the potentials of making a killing financially is there. People who are into buying and selling of merchandise of different kinds and own online stores are expected to make it real big this year.
All this sounds good and makes people want to jump on the train and rush to start making money online with their own e-commerce websites. Yet, we must apply the brakes momentarily at this point. It is always good to be able to pull our heads from the clouds and face reality. Yes, it is possible to make loads of money online from having an e-commerce website but making money from e-commerce, like other ways of making money is an art. It must be learned and the rudiments and laws guiding making money through an e-commerce website must be understood. There are steps which must be followed and adhered to if not, it might be an exercise in futility leading to frustration, heartbreak, and loss of capital.

A person hoping to make a success of selling online by using an e-commerce website needs to take some if not all of the following steps.

1. Test your product
It is important for anyone who is planning to sell a product online to be sure that there is an actual market for the product. The person must be sure that the product is appealing to a particular audience i.e. there must be a niche which has been carved out of people which are ready to buy the product. Sellers must interphase with family, friends, church members, colleagues and anybody around to gather honest opinions about the product. If the product is selling well offline, then it is likely to sell even better online. A situation where nobody wants to buy a product offline, it is likely that perhaps there is no market online for the product. It is a wise strategy to test as much as is possible the profitability of a product before you begin to work hard trying to sell the product.


2.  Design your site with a plan to make it sell
Many people come up with ideas and products which they want to sell and yet they never take the time to design their sites with a plan for making the site sell. The website has to be attractive and it must function optimally. People must feel drawn towards the site whenever they open it. Depending on the kind of products which are on sale on the site, the site must be designed with the aim of attracting customers. It must load quickly both on PCs and mobile platforms. All these are important so as to attract a crowd of buyers and followers.


3.  Don’t rush the launch of your eCommerce store
Many times, after hearing all the good success stories associated with selling online, people are more than ready to just jump into the fray. They design their websites very quickly and all too soon they are ready to launch their websites. It is important that businesses do not rush the launching of their websites. Time must be taken to brainstorm and work out modalities of how best the site will work and function. Business people must have sought out their target market with a good strategy and plans on how to reach these markets online. It is going to be a sad tale for anyone who rushes through the launching of his website because they may find out that they have spent so much time and have so little to show for it. The message here is calm down, learn the ropes and take your time. Success takes a time to achieve. Do not rush the launch of your website.


4.  A clear logo for the business
A logo is very important for any company or business. A logo is a clear way of stating and showing your identity. Businesses must spend judiciously to ensure that they get a befitting logo for their company. This logo must be clear and if possible it must show the intent of the business. This logo also has to be placed conspicuously on the website. The logo has to be put in a place where it is clearly visible on all the pages of the website. A clear logo is very important as it helps for brand identification. As the business grows and performs well, anywhere the logo is seen, it will be associated with quality and efficient service delivery.


5.  Make sure your eCommerce website is mobile responsive
Technology has moved so fast now that mobile phones can perform almost all the functions which a computer is capable of performing. It is important that anyone building an e-commerce website must do it in such a way that the website is able to load fully well and effectively on a mobile platform. This is important because the number of people trying to gain access to your website using their phones or tablets is always more or at least equal to those using computers. A situation where a website does not open well or at all on mobile phones is a sad thing. It will be sure to limit the potential of that business as access to the website becomes restricted. This must never be the case in a serious business.


6.  Attractive landing page as first impression matters
Many studies have indicated that it does not take more than 50 seconds for people to make up their minds on whether they plan to stay and look around a website or they want to leave. What makes people want to stay and see what a business has to offer? Simply, it is the first impression they get about the business. It is important that the landing pages can keep the interest of potential clients. Once people get to our websites, they must like what they first come in contact with, that way they are likely to stay and see what we have to offer then they can make purchases. Businesses must work hard at this and ensure that the first page, as well as other pages, are attractive.


7.  Test the whole features before launching your online store
Before a business gets to launch their website, it is important to make sure that all the features, buttons, dropdowns and all other functions within the website are working very well. For clients who have no time to waste, it is easy to lose them if they find out that many features or even one feature within the website is not functioning well. Business owners must painstakingly, with the help of their team go over every single feature on the website and ensure that they are all working in good and perfect condition. That way clients are able to move around the website easily.


8.  Work on media as they matter
Images matter a lot. It is important for businesses to work on all the photos on the site. The images must first be light enough to load easily on either mobile phones or PCs. Secondly, people who want to buy items usually like to see different angles of a product keeping in mind that they may not be able to come to the offline shop and view things themselves. Having as many angles as possible of a product convinces the customer that the business is not hiding anything and what they see is what they get.


9.  Work and improve continually on social media
Social media gives the kind of visibility which was not possible some years ago. To make sales, it is important that a business must be in a position where people know about it and can identify it for what it sells. Coca-Cola is known for its beverages and anywhere anybody sees the logo they know what it means. It is important that businesses whether small or big take advantage of social media and make themselves well known to the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google + and all other social media tools must be used effectively to ensure that people know about the business and what it has to offer. This way wherever the business logo is seen, people recognize it and are ready to do business.


10.  Design a proper strategy and stick to it not trying to do everything at once
It is important to have a proper strategy designed by the business owners on how to sell their products. First, the business must not try to do too much at the initial stage. It is important to fashion out a particular strategy and stick to that strategy. This means that a lot of brainstorming has to go into determining who to target with the products, how to target these people, when is the best time to be marketing this product. How does the product get to its destination, the kinds of payment gateways and platforms to use and many other little things which can make or mar the business?

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