Find The Best Web Developers

How To Find The Best Web Developers

Finding web developers is very important for developing eCommerce website or business website especially if you happen to be a startup company. For many reasons, you cannot joke with or trivialize the issue of hiring the best web developer available to you within your particular budget range. Businesses must remember that most of the time, your website is the first contact that clients have with you and your business. It is paramount that the impression they have of you is quality and clients feel like they want to do business with you. A situation where a website is wrongly poorly developed or has many problems does not portend well for business.
Finding the best web developers available while being on a budget is never easy and businesses must hire slowly and painstakingly to be able to get the best. Yet, businesses must also be fast to fire people if they find out that things are not working well for them in terms of the work being done in building a website for the business. Some steps to take in other to find the best web developers include:

  • Visit Forums, Freelance sites or get referrals

There are many ways of getting people to work on building and developing a website or even a mobile app.  There are so many places where one can get web developers which include Upwork, Freelancer, Smashing jobs, Codeable, and many other which a simple google search will throw up. You can also visit all kinds of forums such as tech forums like Cnet, Tech support, technicist and others like that. All these forums will provide different web developers with different levels of expertise and pricing. A business venture owner can also seek referrals from people who you like what their website looks like such that they can bring you in contact with their web developers. These are some of the ways of finding web developers.


  • Test them with interviews to determine expertise and personality

Depending on what a business owner is hoping to find an achieve, two things are important, the personality and expertise of your web developer. You might wonder why personality is important. Personality is important so as to get the best out of a working relationship. During the course of interviewing a person, his personality shows if he will be open to corrections, new ideas and how well he deals with deadlines. If all these are in the negative, it is likely that no matter how much expertise the developer has, both parties might leave dissatisfied. Secondly here. The expertise the web developer possesses is important. Ask for a folder of the work which has been done by the developer. This will help the business owner make up his mind about the expertise of the developer. Then it is important for the business owner to decide the language in which the website will be written either PHP, HTML or whatever language of choice. When interviewing a prospective web developer, it is important to ask what they have learned newly, this will help you decide if such a person is improving his expertise or stagnant.


  • Watch Portfolio of Developer and Client Reviews when hiring from freelance sites

Portfolio-of-Developer-and-Client-ReviewsIt is important that before you commission a developer with the task of building and developing a website for you, due diligence is done on the part of the business owner. This due diligence should include checking the portfolio of the developer to ascertain the expertise of such an individual based on the kinds of projects which he has carried out in the past. It is equally important to also take time and read through the reviews, rating, and comments of people who have employed this developer in the past. Reading such reviews gives an idea of the kind of person the developer is, with respect to this seriousness, how well he meets up with timelines, deadlines, and milestones. The business owner can have an idea of how many times the developer is willing to correct mistakes and generally if the developer makes an effort to satisfy his clients thoroughly.


  • Give test projects before you hire

before-you-hireIt is important that while trying to hire a web developer, a little project can be given to the person, to be completed within a very small timeframe. If the person meets up with the objectives as well as timelines which have been given, then the person can be employed for the work.


All these points are important to see and make sure that a person employs the right web developer to build and design his website.

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