How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Blog

Are you ready to publish your Blog? Do you want to spread your personal thought and knowledge in all over the world? If these answers are YES then just do not think anything. Start your blog with some awesome platform and spread your knowledge around the globe.
At the time of starting BLOG, it is the most common confusion about “what is the best platform for me to start Blog?” today, we are here provide you all the answers and clear your confusion.
If you are around the corner to publish your blog and do not sure what platform you need to select then you can search on the internet about most common blogging platform. Today, there are several blogging platforms are available on the internet on which you can build your blog and can spread your personal thoughts on a particular topic. These platforms are providing you several options and several features for optimization, designing purpose, traffic purpose, social media purpose and many more…
How do you find out which blogging platform is best for your requirements? In this article, you will find the perfect platform for your blog, its advantages, and disadvantages.

How to Choose your Blogging Platform
Below are some blogging platforms that allow you to make a free blog on their website without any charges. Free blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly,, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Joomla etc. These platforms are best in the market for making any type of blog.

Free Blogging Sites comparisons

1. WordPress: Wordpress is the best platform in all over the world which is very easy to use. 75% bloggers are using this platform as this is user-friendly and search engine friendly. WordPress offers you unlimited customization for your blog. It is very simple for beginners. If you are serious about your blog then we will personally suggest you go with WordPress this is very simple to manage and very simple to post blog posts. You will not get any issue in future with this platform. Thousands of free & premium plugins are available for every small or big task.

WordPress offers two different blogging platforms:
The main difference between these two platforms is that the sites are hosted on WordPress server which is totally free to host while sites are hosted on an external server means you can choose server according to your requirements.
If you are just looking for spreading your knowledge in all over the world and not want any type of customization then you can choose free WordPress Blog. If your future planning is different, you want to earn some money by placing some adds then you can choose as it will only allow you to make customization in theme.
Its free till your total blog size is less than 3GB. If your blog size crosses this limit you have to pay. There are different fee available for a different size.
It will be the host on your own web hosting. You can select a right hosting according to your need from here. We described detailed review. Web Hosting starting from $2.5 monthly.

Select any your favorite web hosting through us and we will design & develop your blog completely free. will place ads on your blog and you will be not able to use your own ads on your site till your blog’s monthly pageview does not reach more than 25k. Strictly avoid it if you don’t want to show any ads on your own blog. You fully control you can show ads if you want. No limitation of pageview.
You can start if you have little knowledge of managing WordPress CMS You need a developer for host your site. And install WordPress.

2. Blogger: This blogging platform is provided by Google. If you have any Google account or GMAIL account, you can access this blogging platform via this is also a good option for beginners. Google provides good services on the dashboard like posting, managing HTML, traffic analytics, theme selection, Google Adsense, and much more. This is purely based on HTML platform so this is lightweight as compared to WordPress. There are some limitations in theme on this platform but you will find some attractive themes on other websites which you can install by yourself. On this platform, you can also install Google Adsense. There is no limitation for anything.
* Good for a static content blog. Not customizable & strong as WordPress.

3. Tumbler: This is also a free blogging platform which you can choose posting your images, content, and news about anything. It’s a community so at a time Millions of visitors are always online on this platform so there is more chance to get better traffic on your blog.

Above are some best platforms which are generally using people for blogging purpose. There are lots of free websites which are providing this facility at free of cost.
Some freer Blogging Websites are:
– Jekyll
– Contentful
– Medium
– Squarespace
– Wix
– Joomla
– Weebly

At last, we will say WordPress is the best platform for beginners as well as experienced bloggers as this is more easy to manage and it provides more facility as compared to other blogging platforms. If you need any type of assistance, you can connect with us at we are always here to help you.

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