How to Choose a Right Domain Name


A domain name Is your identity of your business, blog or your brand. It tells about your business brand, that’s why your domain name should be very attractive and according to your business. A domain name should be unique, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to understand, easy to recognizable, it should represent your services and business. There are so many examples in the world that we can see like Apple, eBay, Google, Microsoft, Cadbury, Audi etc…

What is a domain name?
A domain name is a unique identity of your website in all over the world, it should not common it should be unique over the globe. No matter what type of services you are providing, it should be easy, catchy and simple. At the time of selecting your domain name you can choose a name related to your services also like if you are having an online store about flower shop, you can select your brand name + floweriest for example if we are talking about technology, a user can directly access your website via your URL i.e. uniform resource locator which is unique in all over the world or they can easily find your website on the search engine when they will search these type of services.


Domain name structure:









Do you know there are 5 parts of your domain? Means, the address of your website is divided into 5 parts i.e

1. Extension
2. Name
3. Subdomain
4. Prefix
5. Domain name
Now, step by step, we are here describing you each and every part of your domain.

1. Extension: This is top level domain like .com. net, .org, .biz, .gov etc. you can choose your top-level domain according to your wish. There is no any restriction in this. You can choose according to availability with your domain name.

2. Name: This is the second level of URL means your domain name. There are some things that you need to consider at the time of choosing your second level domain name. This is very important to choose and you need to take care so many things at the time of choosing your website name. this is according to your services and according to your brand name.

3. Subdomain: This is the third level of your website (www) OR (non-www). Some are choosing or running their website with WWW and some are choosing or running their website without WWW. It all depends on you. There is no any boundation on it.

4. Prefix: It is an Internet Application Protocol for your domain i.e. HTTP and HTTPS [Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ] AND [Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure]. Both of these works are different. HTTP is simple, every website is running with HTTP. It is a basic standard of Internet society. Without this, no any website can run on the Internet. If we are talking about HTTPS, it is for secure websites like banks, e-commerce website and any website who are performing online money transaction. Basically, with HTTPS your information is transferring with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with 128 bit encrypted it means, no one can hack or steal your information while performing any type of transaction over the internet.

Following are some tips for Choosing a Domain Name:

1. Choose a unique name for your website URL

It is recommended to choose always a unique, easy and simple name for your website. If you are choosing a name for your business and services, you can choose related to services and if you are looking for yourself personally, then you can select your URL with your first name and second name. If your desired domain name already exists, you need to go with alternatives. Make sure that do not use any numeric value in your domain name as it looks spammy to end users.

2. Brainstorm


If you are getting confused about choosing your domain name then there is one best method for you to selecting your domain name. Just you need to write five to ten words on a blank paper. Select most appropriate words in a combination and try to make one word. Check that word on domain seller website is it available or not. If you are getting your desired domain name that it will be best for you to make your brand on the internet.

3. Always select easy domain name

It is very important for you to select your domain name very easy to read, simple to remember and easy to enter in browser address bar. Definitely, one question arises in your mind “WHY YOUR DOMAIN NAME SHOULD BE SIMPLE?” because you do not want that your future visitors confuse in your domain or website URL and type wrong in the address bar and redirect on another website or getting an error. We can see many examples about this. A very well known image sharing website named FLICKR.COM acquire FLICKER.COM just for redirecting their all traffic on their main site on a very high pay.

4. Tie Your Brand to the Domain Name
If you are going to establish your future brand name in your local or global market, try to select a domain with your brand name. Always select domain name that does not need any explanation of your business.

5. Extensions Matter (.com, .org, .net, etc.)
We will suggest you to always go with .com top level extensions. As 90% people are selecting .com domains so it is easier to remember and looks catchy to eyes. By default, our browser also understands that domain top level name is .com. so always go with .com

6. Shorter domain name is always better
Always go with max to a max combination of 2 words. As it is easy to remember and easy to read. Just try to search domain according to your business and brand.

7. No Numeric Values or Hyphens
At the time of selecting your domain, just search domain with not having any numeric value and hyphen as it looks odd to your visitor. Always try to get a neat and clean domain name which looks like a brand and can define your services in a nice way.

8. Consider Using Keywords
If you are providing any type of services locally or globally, you can choose your domain name with some keywords also. According to SEO analysts, it is good to get better ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) It will help you to get good rank by performing only some work. You just need to increase the authority of your domain. It will work automatically. For business owners, this is also a good choice.

9. Checkout on Social Media
Yes, it is one important thing that before selecting your domain or brand name, you can check on social media also that is this brand name already exist on social media or not. If the same name already exists then it will be complex for you to choose the same name. In that case, you can choose a mixture of that name.

Premium domain names

If you are trying to get something unique for establish your brand name and not finding on the internet then do not get worried about it because these domain names are already taken for reselling and waiting for their true owner. If you are ready to spend some extra money on your domain name then you need to spend your some time on research and can negotiate with a reseller who actually has that domain name. The worst thing about this part is that you do not know the exact value of this domain name; you cannot estimate the value. So, be aware of the market and try to get some awesome deal.

Choose the deal

If you are ready to buy premium or unique domain name then do not make it hurry. Just place your offer in front of reseller and wait for a week. If they are ready for your prices then it will be a Jackpot deal for you on the internet. In case if the price is too high, you can also go with a lease option, in this, you are taking a domain name on lease for a particular time period. Another option is that you can also go with partial payment of domain. If you are not having much more capacity to pay, you can choose this option.
If the reseller is ready to sell a domain, try to get an agreement in a written document. Try to get all legal processes which you can do on the internet. It is very important for you to take care of it if you are purchasing your domain name from the reseller. You need a secure transaction to protect yourself from any fraud activity.

At the end, we will say always choose domain according to your services and business type. Always forecast your requirements before selecting your domain and then go to search.
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