How to Choose Best Website Builder

Website building has never been an easy job as you need to go to a whole new level of coding and analyze a lot of data. The process of making a website and keep it running takes a lot of hard work and is a bit heavy in your pocket, but all these hurdles are now long gone. To make website designing or to create simpler and accessible there is a platform which provides you many features to shape out your ideas. They haven’t always had an easy ride, but website builders such as Wix, Weebly etc are very highly suggested these days, even among web design professionals.
These portals have reduced your work just to drag and drop the content by deleting all technical shackles.
With the information given below, you will be able to choose which website builder is best fit in according to your needs. The information below will help those who didn’t have any experience in website building– the certain criteria I’ve considered while filtering the best web-builders are:

Ease of use –The user interface should be friendly and simple enough for a layperson.

Customization– Features should be according to one’s need and should cover the common ground so that we can customize the web site as per our need.

Cost– This is one of the important factors to consider. In the beginning, many builders provide free subscription just to try them out, but they restrict some of their important features so that you can purchase their premium account. So you need to choose the website builder which is affordable to you.

Template quality and designs– The best web builder should provide a variety of templates, design or themes which should be responsive and catchy enough to get the user’s eye.

SEO (search engine optimization)-  A website builder should start to be able to convince the user regarding SEO as it would provide your website maximum reach to the visitors.

Some of the well-known builders are:-


WIX is one of the best website builder available Online. It is quite easy to use and they having stunning designs, so practically you don’t require any professional coding skills to build the website. As dated till now, WIX has approximately 92 million users registered, and about 2.9 million users have subscribed to their monthly premium plans. Apart from the various website builder available Online WIX is the most innovative one available.

WIX also consist of updated website design which has the latest trends available. Another important thing to consider about WIX is if you pick up a design template then it becomes quite difficult to change the design structure. Another disadvantage of using WIX is that in the free version a lot of advertisement could be seen. It has a great collection of website template consisting of Businesses, Musicians, Health & witness, Events, Designers and of photographers.



Weebly is a well-known web-builder in the market, and It consists of a very user-friendly interface. It allows you the liberty of doing all things your way.

  • For those who just started out in free plans it has some great options like e-store, and while going to premium, It makes you aware of the best feature and options for your website.
  • It has its cms (content management system).
  • It provides Free hosting on all their plans.
  • It is flexible enough to export the code or change the template at a later stage.



Strikingly offers you options to create elegant, single-page websites. The strikingly main aim is to provide visual appeal with clean lines, smooth flow, and attractive background. You will get a small count of templates and designs, but these are modish enough to worth your money.

  • Easy and simple features to handle.
  • Best to make single page websites.
  • Already filtered and exclusive layouts.

The only thing with strikingly is it doesn’t allow you to export the code or change the template later on.


Square Space

Square Space is also very simple and provides you coding free process for creating a website. This kind of web-builder sallow’s you to spread your ideas and thoughts to share with images and tell the whole story visually.

  • Filled with an immense amount of images, icons, and backgrounds.
  • The even basic plan gives you the taste of integrated store (fully integrated plans).
  • It provides built-in blogging platform.
  • E-commerce payments facility is by default provided (you can also give a code for PayPal if required).

Square space lacks in providing a proper flexibility in code exporting, and it doesn’t have any free plans like others, and you need to buy your hosting and domain with each plan.


Web flow

Until now we were talking about website builders for freelancing, entrepreneurs, business, etc. but a new competitor of website builders, rather a website design tools, providing a platform to professional designers. Webflow is arguably the tenacious contender. Its interface even mirrors Photoshop, making it first choice for designers.
The generated code provided by Webflow is unblemished and docile. If you want to tune it fine, Webflow code can also be hand-edited or exported to be further reformed by the professional developer.
However, Webflow targets for static websites. You cannot easily assimilate a dynamic blog or an E-commerce solution. You need to export the code, and use it as the basis to build fully with Word Press (or some other) CMS or E-commerce platform.



There are more than hundreds of website builders if you go onto search the web will help you to narrow down your search and from the listed above you can analyze and evaluate the best-suited web-builder for you while keeping following points in consideration:-

  • The appearance you want looks and design for your website.
  • The amount of time and money you can put in.
  • How serious you are on your website, are you exploring, examining web-builders or websites or you are on the firm website?


The website builder is used for creating simple websites. A user can create a website for him without any coding skill. Using a website builder can save development charge if you create a website yourself, But you have to pay a monthly subscription charge or if you are using free version you have to compromise with features. A website builder has no match against a CMS Platform i.e WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.

I hope after reading this article you are clear which web builder is best for you.

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