How Much Does An eCommerce Website Cost

How Much Does An eCommerce Store/Website Cost In 2017

When it comes to the issue of how much an eCommerce website costs for people who want to have one, the truth is that there is no set cost or amount. The amount which a person spends on an eCommerce store will depend on various and varied factors. For people who have something or the other to sell online, they know that it is very paramount to have an eCommerce website.

Currently, the online industry is booming so much that sales are in the range of billions of dollars yearly. Many people intend to tap into this great and huge market along with the potential which this kind of market portends for those who want to expand their business.

Yet, it must be clearly stated that having an eCommerce website does not guarantee absolute success as people with expertise and potentials have been known to start and fail at this venture. An example of this is which was started by two friends who had successes previously on the internet and yet they were not able to make a success of this venture and the venture collapsed after two years. Clearly having an online eCommerce shop is important and can expand a business way beyond what the owners can ever imagine but it is the success which must be worked for and earned.

The cost of an eCommerce store is down to a lot of factors making it a bit impossible to pin down the cost to a particular amount of dollars. Factors which play a role in the cost of an eCommerce website include, SSL certification & site lock, kind of web hosting which the business owners have to purchase. The number, types, and colors of products which will be on display on this website. Will it be a website with just about 20 products or over 20,000 products? The kind of eCommerce platform which the owners are planning to use. The number of users, Purchasing theme, Custom Designing, Custom Functionality, Paid Plugins.

The question of if the business owners are planning to use web designers, graphic artists and all other different types of experts to use in building this website. So, taking all these factors into cognizance, we understand that the costs of an eCommerce website can really vary from $2,000 to $10,000. Its also depend on a size of company & location of company you hired.


Choose A Right Domain Name

Choosing a right domain name is first part whenever we create a website, blog or eCommerce Website. Purchasing an available domain name will cost you $10-$15. So, I did not count it in eCommerce shop development cost.

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Choosing The Best eCommerce Platforms

The first port of call where the cost will be incurred when you want to build an eCommerce website is the platform on which the eCommerce shop will be developed. Currently, there are many of such platform online which are big and well known, yet for the purpose of this article let’s stick to just the three most important and user-friendly eCommerce platforms. Our advice that business owners take a look at either Magento, Woo-commerce or Shopify as one of the platforms to use when trying to build an eCommerce store.

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top 3 ecommerce platform



Magento as the best when it comes to having and maintaining an e-commerce website. Magento comes in two versions which are the Magento community and the Magento enterprise. The Magento community is free while the Magento Enterprise comes with a price of 18,000 dollars per year for the license. Small & Midsize business can go with Magento Community. Magento has open source software and so the design you have is entirely up to you or your expert web designers to give you a design that you will like and appreciate. Your developmental team and software engineers are free to tinker with your website and build for you whatever functionality you want because of Strong MVC Structure & SOLID object oriented design principle that is better than any other eCommerce platform. Magento comes with a lot of plugins, some are free and others come with a price tag. Magento is a great fit for upcoming businesses which are running on a tight budget. Magento has many extensions which it runs with many partners to ensure that it provides quality for clients.

Magento Community: Small & Mid-Size stores can develop on Magento.
Magento Enterprise: For Big Size Store.

* Development Cost of a store is expensive on Magento Platform than other Platform. Because of its feature & strong structure.



Woo-commerce is a WordPress plugin which is free and use by WordPress sites. It gained popularity by the essence of having WordPress plugins which are free and for the fact that WordPress on its own is a blog platform. It does not have as many plugins as Magento but it certainly has enough to do the job of being an e-commerce platform effectively. Woo-commerce is free like Magento Community. Woo-commerce may not have all the flashy like Magento, but it certainly gets the job done. It can also be used on sites which are not WordPress sites. It is also open source and so if a business has a talented team of software engineers, they can always do something good on the site with the e-commerce platform.
* Woo-commerce: For small size stores only.



Shopify is the third in the list of e-commerce websites we are discussing in this article. Shopify is very popular as an e-commerce platform and does have many features which have made it attractive to a lot of businesses. One of the key features of Shopify which has made it a household brand is the fact that it has an app store which offers over 1000 applications. Shopify allows a free trial period of 14 days. After this 14 days, then the client has to choose an option from one of the three options which Shopify is offering.


  • Shopify for beginners starts at 29 dollars for the basic plan
  • Shopify has a plan for growing businesses which is at 79 dollars
  • Shopify also has a plan for established businesses which is at 299 dollars


eCommerce Platform Plan Cost
Shopify Beginners/ Basic plan 29 dollars
Growing businesses 79 dollars
Established Businesses 299 Dollars
Woocommerce Standard Plan Free
Magento Magento Community Free
Magento Enterprise $18,000/Year

This is the first cost which a person with a business who wants to have an eCommerce website has to grapple with and decide what he /she wants for the business.


Web Hosting Cost

best webhosting provider

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The next port of call when building an eCommerce shop is the issue of hosting and the best way to go about it. The hosting can be done on what is called self-hosting meaning you are in charge of hosting the data of your website on your own servers or it can be shared or co-hosted on other servers. When it comes to costs of hosting it varies depending on how many pages which you have to your website, how much data the website is carrying as well as how many visitors which you hope to have daily. The costs vary and there are many companies which are offering to host at different prices.  Below is a list to give an idea of the prospective business person.

Rank Provider Cost(shared) Refund Policy Cost(VPS) Cost(Dedicated)
1 BlueHost 3.95/m 30 Day 19.99/m 79.99/m
1 SiteGround 3.95/m 30 Day 229/m
3 IPage 1.99/m 30 Day 19.99/m 119.99/m
4 InMotionHosting 2.95/m 90 Day 29.99/m 99.99/m
5 Fatcow 49/yr 30 Day 19.99/m 119.99/m


eCommerce Store Web Design Cost

eCommerce Store Web Design Cost

Web design is another important aspect of the business of setting up an e-commerce website. What a person spends on web design also varies considerably depending on the kind of website they want to build. This is serious because it determines how well a business will grow. Clients want a website which loads quickly and is user-friendly. Clients would also like a site which is mobile/tabs friendly Because a large number of users visit on-site through mobile & number continually increasing. For a very basic website which does not have too many features, you may spend within the range of 200 to 500 dollars. The more complex the website is, the more you have to spend on building the website with price being as much as thousands of dollars at times depending on what you want to be done. Some e-commerce platforms allow you to download themes for something within the range of $50-$300 dollars.

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eCommerce Store Development Cost

eCommerce Store Development CostDevelopment charge is 1 of the major expense. Even if there is no requirement for custom design & functionality. But still, most of the expenses will be in development. A small basic store development charge on WooCommerce or Shopify could be $500 and on Magento could be $500-$1500. Custom functionality charges depend on requirement. Above given charges are for small size or new store. Mid or Biz size store development with custom functionality can be anywhere from $2000-$20000 even more.

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Security & Custom Features cost

Security & Custom Features costDepending on the type of security feature which your site has to have. Most eCommerce platform has InBuilt Security features. And they provide Updates(new versions of eCommerce platform) and also security patches(codes). But still, If you want any customized security you have to pay customs charges for that to your developer.

For the custom feature, developers charge feature wise. So, when you will tell about the features you want to the developer. They will tell your price for every feature they will charge.

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Number of Product Effect eCommerce Store Development Cost

Number of Product Effect eCommerce Store Development CostWhile in the process of building a website for clients the number of products which have to put into the website is a cause for consideration. For individuals, the products might not be as much as when the client is an agency or a big business. The product number is factored into the cost and when the products are many, then the cost will be quite high to develop functionality to make site fast and build such a website. In the case of the paid eCommerce platform, you have to subscribe to a bigger plan.


Adhoc Work

Adhoc WorkBuilding and designing a website as well as hosting it does not mean that all the work is done. There is a host of other activities which are involved in the process which also cost money. Some of these activities include training of the client or his staff to ensure that they know what they are doing with the site. Maintenance of the website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as the case may be. Testing and launching of the developed project as well as migration and content support. All these plethoras of activities are important to make sure that the website works well and makes money for the owners. Some agencies like to charge a lump sum for these ad hoc projects, while others want to break it down into little phases. The cost can vary from ad hoc work and this work is usually done by dedicated web designers and web developers. Cost can range from between 500 to 50, 000 dollars depending on how big the website is in terms of a number of pages and products which the website carries.



In summary, what it costs to have an e-commerce website varies. For individuals, you can have a spending cap or projection of between $500 to $5,000 depending on quality and traffic which is being expected. For agencies and bigger companies, they could look to spend between the ranges of $5,000 to $100,000 depending on their budget for the project.  We usually advise our clients to make use of either magneto or woo commerce based on the facts that their features, customization are the best available in the market today. They offer flexibility, security as well as customization which other platforms do not offer.

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