5 Reasons Why Wireframing is Important in Web Design

Gives a Schematic Blueprint of Website

What is wireframe?

A wireframe will help you to convert a simple layout of a flowchart including all the site content and features into an architectural design. This visual guide representing the skeletal framework of the website make you understand the basic working with all functionality of the site that you want to serve to the visitor. Wireframing will give you the exact difference between the product you wished and what you have designed till now by removing all distractions like colors, themes, fonts, etc.


Saves You A lot of Time

This process will restrain you from spending a lot of time in the entire process of web designing, also keeps you from creating a mess at the end and starting over. By giving you a calculated overview of the website before decorating it all with attractive colors and themes, it ensures the serviceability of the site. The development team will have the exact idea what they are creating.


Helps to Ensure Further Improvement

When you get the layout with wireframing, all the features including navigation bar, content, image, logo and other options will be showing you the raw purpose without any attractive mediums. Automatically some idea will pop up in your head for further improvement, so you will be able to leave some room for changes in the future. Almost every website is operated by CMS, content related modifications can be done later.


Actual Elucidation of the site features

With removing all the décor and showing all the content, components and features in the proper hierarchy will provide you the foremost usability of the site. It offers you the liberty to test the proper functionality of each feature, whether it is serving its purpose or wasting the space.


Makes Further Designing Painless

The main agenda of Wireframing is to make the web designing process lot easier by ensuring that the website developer and the client are on the same page. By not combining two steps, functionality and design (layout) of the site it guarantees the maximum probability of a perfect outcome. These two processes are done one at a time which ensures the opportunity to get feedback at an earlier stage by clients. Avoiding wireframe may cost you more time and effort to work on comments as working on the fully designed prototype is much complicated.

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